Waiting List

To get onto the waiting list, you will need to complete a puppy application.
If you in live in Perth, Western Australia, you may be applicable to be a part of the Guardian Home Program.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required once pregnancy has been confirmed.

Please note: We are with the registered with the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) and the International Tamaskan Register (ITR), before you place a deposit with ANY breeder, please check that they are registered with the TDR and/or ITR!
The TDR and ITR are the official international registries for all authentic Tamaskan Dogs worldwide; they maintain the pedigree database and health records for all purebred Tamaskan Dogs. If the breeder is not TDR or ITR registered, the puppy is not a Tamaskan!

Price of a Puppy:

The price of a puppy from a Tamaskan x Tamaskan litter is $4450 AUD (Including deposit)
The price of a puppy from a Tamaskan x Outcross litter is $3950 AUD (Including deposit)

Purchase Includes 

  • Your puppy
  • De-sexing at 7 weeks via ovary-sparing spay/vasectomy for pet-only puppies
  • De-sexing certificate for pet-only puppies
  • Rear dew claw removal by licensed veterinarian 
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Flea treatment 
  • Health examination by a licensed veterinarian before pup goes to their new home.
  • Embark testing (screens for 200+ genetic diseases)
  • 6 Weeks Pet insurance
  • Puppy Toys
  • Small bag of dry food (To allow for any food changeover)
  • Puppy Blanket
  • Your puppy's official Registration Certificate
  • Your puppy's official ownership Certificate 
  • Puppy Guide (To help with raising your Tamaskan puppy)
  • Lifetime support and Advice

Puppy process after Application Approval and deposit

Shortly after the birth of all the puppies, everyone on the waiting list will be contacted to announce the amount of puppies and their gender. Puppies won't be assigned to their new owners until they are 7 weeks old, as this is when they have their temperaments evaluated by a professional. They will be assigned based on the questions answered in the Puppy Application.

Whilst the puppies are with us, we will keep buyers informed of their progress via our Facebook Page, this is where we will post updates, photos and videos regularly. If you live nearby and would like to visit the puppies and dam, you are welcome to do so from when the puppies are 3 weeks old, except for the final week, as this is when we are getting puppies ready to go to their new homes.

We do ship puppies internationally, but we are only able to do so with 2 puppies per litter. If necessary, your puppy is able to stay at our house up until 20 weeks old, however, this service is offered at an additional cost to cover your puppy's food, boarding and training during this time.

Full payment for the puppy (and additional services) must be made either by bank transfer and payment cleared before the puppy is 6 weeks old or paid for in cash by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old. This is to allow time for finding the puppy a new suitable home, in the event of a person changing their mind or incurring unexpected circumstances.

Please Note: Travel crate, Transport costs, Tests, Documentation or any other costs related to domestic or international travel of the puppy is not included in the purchase price!