About  Karma

Karma is one of our sponsored male outcrosses.
He is a purebred malamute, who comes from fantastic lines involved in showing and sledding.
He himself has titles in the showing category.

Karma is a very affectionate boy, he loves to cuddle up to you when he can get the chance.
He is very rarely aloof with strangers, and when he is, he warms up to them very quickly.
Karma cannot pass up the opportunity for a good head scratch.
He has a very sturdy temperament, unlikely to be spooked easily, however, he can be a very independent dog at times, which is very typical of a malamute.

Karma sired two litters for the Tamaskan breed, resulting in a total of 7 pups.

Health & General Information

Height at the Withers:


Eye Colour:
Light Brown

Coat Colour:

Hip AVA score:

Date of report: October 15th, 2021
Result: AVA 5

Elbow AVA score:
Date of report: October 15th, 2021
Result: AVA 0

Embark Results:

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