About  Ruby

Outback Crown Jewel, whose call name is Ruby, is one of the outcrosses that we are sponsoring. Ruby is from our own breeding program outside of the Tamaskan breed. Ruby is from our pairing of Marlie x Karma. She was born on the 11th January 2022.
Ruby is a very gentle and affectionate girl, she loves to cuddle up to whenever she is given the chance. She has a confident and study disposition, meaning she is not spooked very easily, however, when she does spook, she has a very quick rebound. Ruby picks up new commands quickly and has a willingness to please, making her very biddable. 

Ruby has completed a large part of her health testing once she turned 12 months old, however, she still needs to undergo a temperament evaluation and structural evaluation at 18 months old. 

Height at the Withers:


Eye Colour:
Light Brown

Coat Colour:

 Hip AVA score:

Date of report: January 10th, 2023
Result: AVA 10

Elbow AVA score:
Date of report: January 10th, 2023
Result: AVA 0

Result: Clear

Result: Clear

Embark Results:

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