About Alva 

Alva is a very loving girl and loves to try to gain the attention of new people who ignore her.
She can be a bit aloof at first of new people, if they are trying to give her attention straight away when they meet her, however, tends to warm up quickly.

She is very playful and is always ready for a game of catch or chasey. She is fearless around loud noises or new objects.
Alva is quite smart, she learns new commands very quickly and is gentle with children. She does get car sick on occasion, however, she will happily and readily jump into the car.

Alva has met many different types of dogs during her travels. She has played with small dogs, such as Cavalier King Charles and pugs.
She has played with medium size dogs, such as husky's and dingoes.
She has played with large size dogs, such as Dogo Argentinos, German Shepherds and Karst Shepherds.
She has even played with extra large size dogs, such as English Mastiffs and Great Danes. Great Danes are her favourite playmates.

Alva had 2 litters (7 puppies in total) as part of our program.

Height at the Withers:


Eye Colour:
Light Brown

Coat Colour:
Red Grey

Hip OFA Preliminary score:

Date of report: January 6th, 2017
Result: Fair (Equivalent to BVA 11-18) 

Elbow OFA Preliminary score:
Date of report. January 6th, 2017
Result: Normal (Equivalent to BVA 0) 

Embark Results:

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