Alva's Story

Alva was born in Sweden on November 16th, 2015 and stayed there till she was 10 weeks old, until we picked her up. We took Alva to Slovenia, where she lived with family until she was 11 months old, before moving to Australia.


Alva's Personality

Alva is a very loving girl to people that she knows. She loves to try to gain the attention of new people who ignore her, but can be very reserved at first of new people if they are giving her attention straight away, however, tends to warm up quickly. She is very playful and is always ready for a game of catch or chasey. She is fearless around loud noises or new objects. Alva is quite smart, she learns new commands very quickly and is very gentle with kids. Alva will occasionally get car sick, but she is still happy to jump into the car!

Alva has met many different types of dogs during her travels, she has played with small dogs, such as Cavalier King Charles and Pugs, played with medium sized dogs, such as Huskies and Dingoes, and has played with large dogs, such as Dogo Argentinos, German Shepherds and Karst Shepherds.


 Health, Evaluations & General Information

Height at the Withers:


Eye Colour:
Light Brown

Coat Colour:
Red Grey

Hip OFA Preliminary score:
Date of report: January 6th, 2017
Result: Fair (Equivalent to BVA 11-18)

Elbow OFA Preliminary score:
Date of report. January 6th, 2017
Result: Normal (Equivalent to BVA 0)




Degenerative Myelopathy
Clear by Parentage

AVA Eye Exam
Date of Report: January 24th, 2017
Result: Normal

MyDogDNA Results:
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Clear for all Tested Diseases


Colour Locus A = Aw/Aw (double agouti)
Colour Locus E = E/E (no cream/white)
Colour Locus K = Ky/Ky (no dominant black)
Colour Locus S = S/S (solid coat, no white spotting)

Curly coat = C/C (non-curly coat)
Ear erectness = T/C (carries one gene for floppy ears)
Snout/skull length = C/C (elongated head)






Structural Conformation: 

Date of Report: January 28th, 2017

Size: Fits standard
Proportion: Fits standard
Substance: Fits standard
Head: Fits standard
Eyes: Fits standard
Ears: Fits standard
Skull: Fits standard
Stop: Fits standard
Muzzle: Fits standard
Nose: Fits standard
Lips: Fits standard
Teeth: Full dentation, No faults
Neck: Fits standard
Topline: Fits standard
Croup: Fits standard
Chest: Fits standard
Ribs: Fits standard
Lion: Fits standard
Tail: Fits standard
Shoulders: Fits standard

Forelegs: Fits standard
Pastern: Fits standard
Feet: Fits standard
Hindquarters: Fits standard
Stifles: Fits standard
Coat: Fits standard
Coat Colour: Red Grey, Fits standard
Masking: Middle Mask, Fits standard
Movement: Fits standard
Temperament: Fits standard

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